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We can help make planning for end-of-life and funeral services easy.

Many of life's important events require some degree of planning and consideration: a wedding, children, retirement. These events usually impact not just the individual but his or her family members as well, and we find comfort in including those we love in major life decisions. End-of-life and funeral planning should be no different. You want to be sure that all of the details are taken care of, so that your family can take comfort in knowing that your wishes were expressed and realized. 

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Funding Services

Funding a pre-arranged funeral service is a choice many families make to ease possible financial pressures at the time of death. Pre-funding can provide real benefits when applying for Medicaid in the U.S. and is available with affordable monthly terms if necessary. We will explain our funding plans and assist you in devising a plan that is convenient and advantageous. We comply with all rules and regulations of the State of Georgia to ensure an adequate fund for future expenses.